Thursday, April 17, 2008

Penguins update

They won their first series, sweeping the Ottawa Senators.

Not saying nothing, just providing the facts.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Show your love

It's playoff time in the NHL. Time to grow your beard.

That's right. If you're not aware of this practice, during hockey playoffs, you're not supposed to shave till your team is eliminated or wins the cup. Not all players participate but a lot do. In fact, at least some of the credit for the Anaheim Ducks winning last year should go to the impressive salt and pepper lumberjack look of Scott Niedermayer. A beard that impressive deserves rewarding.

I'm a Penguins fan. I can remember the night that they won their first Stanley Cup. I was so happy I called my dad. After all, it was watching the late 70s NY Islanders that sparked my interest in the sport. I don't think my dad was quite as excited as I was but he's not the biggest phone talker in the world so maybe if we were watching together it might have been a different story.

That's a long way to get to the gist of today's post. The Penguins' best player is a little challenged in the facial hair department. He's too young to grow much, though he is trying. So I'm pledging my help in that department. I'm not quite in the "shave twice a day" range but I'm not too far off. So I'm not shaving till the Penguins are out. Wife did insist that I trim it up a little so I won't be total mountain man.

I think she's just jealous that she can't grow her own.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I got rickrolled

Victims of my pranks: Wife and the official Mom of Professor Matthew. I told Wife I was going to call Mom and tell her we are expecting. Which we are, just a dog not the baby that Mom is highly desirous of us to have. And I was going to tell Mom it was Wife's idea.

So then when I went actually call Mom, Wife said, in a very insistent voice, "You better not tell her it is my idea."

I responded with, "Honey, what day is it?"

To which she replied, "Damn it, you got me too!" and then stomped up the stairs.

I have to admit that I caved pretty quick after I told Mom we were expecting and she asked if it was a baby. I told her that it would be another dog. The funny part was that was the part she didn't believe, it would be a dog not a baby. She had to be told she was not being pranked anymore to realize she was being pranked in the first place. I was told not to do this again because Mom doesn't "enjoy these sort of things."

I suppose you could also say we pranked the dog and cat. They got flea treatment later that night, including a bath for the dog. The cat thanked us for the flea medication by coughing up a hairball (with food bits) the size of a chicken mcnugget right next to me. And that is why you should have hardwood floors if you have pets.

And if you don't know what a rickroll is, then click here. It's pretty informative.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool

You know what sucks about getting older and more responsible at work? No more April Fool's jokes. At least not any really good ones. Ones that really freak people out. I had access to my department head's office while she was teaching a class (I was dropping something off and she had let me know her office was unlocked). And I did nothing to it. I played nice. Not even a little something. And I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Or at leas till next year when I don't think I can let such an opportunity go.

While the exact reason for this activity is lost to history, some speculate that it originates out of the transition to a calendar that started on January 1st. Those that did not know about the switch or refused to recognize it continued to celebrate April 1st as the start of the year and were the victim of pranks for their "ignorance".

I love pranks. A little anarchy. A little surrealism. Nothing cruel or mean. Just shaking up the status quo. Taking people out of their everyday habits. I have a cat named Loki. I have a tattoo of Coyote the Trickster.

Back when I was an undergraduate I worked at the campus radio station. And we knew that a certain key unlocked the station manager's office. So one night we put every chair in the station outside of the ones in the dj booth into his office. It was around 15 to 20 chairs. Another time we tped it. And I mean at least two rolls.

I could prank Wife but that isn't enough of a challenge. She trusts me. Well, enough that it would be too easy. Again, getting too old. Though there is still time. I think I'm going to have to make a phone call or two tonight. Somebody needs pranked. I'll let you know who I hit and how it goes. Maybe......