Tuesday, November 27, 2007


An unnamed fast food company (known as "royalty" among ground beef grillers) screwed up Wife's sandwich last night. They included pickles and american cheese and made it a junior sized version of their regular sized hamburger sammich.

So on the plus side it meant I had lunch for today already made for me. After eating it I realized it had an abundance of mayonnaise. It was only then that Wife reminded me of my predictions.

Could the Prophecy be fulfilled? Is this the end of days? Will the world worship me even as it fears me?

Now that would be cool.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Sorry about the length between posts. I have a bunch of topics, so the next few days should be a whirlwind comparatively. I hope folks are still checking in.

So, to follow up on the next great disaster post, if you guessed a neighborhood semi-feral cat would use one of our scooters as a springboard to jump a fence and in the process rip great holes in one of our 40+ dollar scooter covers, you'd be right. Our neighborhood has a large number of wandering cats. They're semi-domesticated, some more than others. And a large number of them like to hang out in our backyard and sleep under our car. And under our apartment. And walk on our car and leave footprints.

I realize that cats are a common critter in many parts of our country. But down here there are few rivals or predators. No rats big enough to fight back for example. And no winter cold snap to send them for cover. Or kill them or whatever. And little enough traffic so that's not a threat either. So they lounge around our yard. And crap in it from time to time.

This isn't the first time I've had a less than happy interaction with neighborhood cats either. Back a few years I lived in a townhouse. We were in the middle one of a row of five. And there was a space underneath that was about 2 feet deep that ran the entire length of the row. So a feral cat chose to have her liter of kittens down there. My roommate at the time decided we needed to save them. Or adopt one at least. So I stupidly climbed under the townhouse and spent a half an hour sweating underneath, trying not to bang my head and trying to corner one of them even though they were much quicker and more agile than I was. I finally gave up. Twenty minutes later they were on the back porch and I managed to throw a towel over one and scoop it up. I am well aware of how stupid this is, thank you. Not surprisingly it came out angry and defensive, all claws and hissing and teeth. And that tiny, tiny little bastard wiggled free and clamped down on my thumb hard enough to bite through the nail.

I had to physically shake it off cause it did not want to let go. Amazingly enough, it didn't draw blood due to the angle of the bite even though it was near the bed. That was some comfort but let me tell you if you've never had an animal bite through your thumb nail, it really hurts.

Don't get me wrong, I like cats. We have one of our own after all. But I also don't try so hard to keep the dog from chasing them away any more. Hey, I don't see the one who ripped up my cover coming forward to apologize or chip in to help replace it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

When it rains, it punches you in the mouth

I think that's how that cliche goes. Something like that.

At least that's the way it feels around the old homestead right now. Wife has broken leg. We had to take her for more check ups today. The Ultrasound revealed she didn't have a blood clot. Just pain. So that's sort of good. Except she's still uncomfortable. And we have a CT scheduled for next week to find out if she needs surgery.

On the way there we learned the noise I was suspicious the car was making is in fact some sort of rubbing/grinding coming from the transmission or drive train or something. Something expensive I'm sure. Something I can't afford to fix on a car I was hoping to pay down for another six months so we can get close to value on a trade in. At this point with this noise and the banged in door from a hit and run I'm going to have to eat around three thousand bucks that will get folded in to the value of whatever I trade it in on.

And Wife's scooter is having trouble. Hopefully that will only be a few hundred bucks to fix. Plus my PDA isn't really working in any truly useful way. And my digital camera broke. While my parents were visiting. I have next to no pictures from their trip. My scooter may be leaking oil. And all of this means no money to repair my vintage motorcycle.

Part of me is wondering what else will be dished out. So I'm predicting the next disaster:

-Cobra in my underwear drawer
-Visigoth attack
-Religious cult decides I am the evil one they are required to stop but only by mayonnaise based methods
-People magazine singles me out as one of America's least sexy males
-East Timor claims our bedroom as their sovereign territory
-Cat suffers genetic mutation, takes over world, refuses to loan me money
-Mr T decides I am fool but refuses to pity me claiming excessive jibber-jabber
-Unwanted pregnancy for Dog, despite the fact she's spayed

Which do you think will happen? Or suggest your own possible thing I need to be worrying about that I'm not.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I abide and I endure

We watched The Night of the Hunter last night together, hence the title. Wife is trapped in bed so I took advantage of it and her desire to hang out with me to get her to watch movies that I love. And that was on TCM. Amazing movie, I highly recommend it.

Right now I feel a little like that's what I'm doing right now, abiding and enduring. I feel a little ragged having to take care of everything in the household and everything work related at the same time. I'm busy enough with teaching, grading, getting ready for end of semester and prepping for next semester. I'm also handling advising for students on top of that. And then there's taking care of the dog. I need to go to the laundromat last week and still haven't been.

And that's enough whining about how hard my life is.

In other news, with the clock change by 6:30 it's pitch dark outside. Okay, we do live in a neighborhood with a lot less street lights than the old one. But that doesn't change when the sun goes down. But what makes it even more weird is how comfortable it still is outside. We're having the coldest days since we moved here. And it's still in the 60s and even 70s. So it feels partially to me like its February with how early it gets dark. But on the other it still feels almost summer like. Throw in Christmas commercials starting up and I have no idea what time of year it is supposed to be like.

I'm hearing that some of you out there are already getting snow flurries. 70 degrees in November makes it a lot easier to abide and endure.