Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ho ho huh?

I promised this one a little while back and it is time.

I've posted before about Wife and I eating at cheap Chinese buffet but it is too late for me to go look for it in the archives. You can look for it if you want but to summarize, it has quite a colorful clientele. But even when you expect weirdness, every once in a while the world reminds you that there is still more strange out there.

Last time we ate there I look up and see two or three portly gentlemen with white hair and long beards. "Ha ha" I chuckle (or something like that. The gist is I laughed. Or LOLed for those of you "tech" people). "You're missing the Santa Claus parade." Wife asks, "Oh?" Or words to that affect. Some sort of brief query like noise or statement. "Yep, there's a dude or two that looks like Santa that just walked in."

And I return my attention to my assorted pieces of MSG conveyance. And I glance up again to see a couple more white haired fat dudes. "Uhm, honey. Seriously. There's a parade of Santas." She seems at best mildly interested, concentrating on her crab legs.

I soon realize that they continue to trickle in. I quickly convince Wife that she should look up because they just keep coming. Several are entertaining local kids. At least one is passing out tiny plastic "toys". We lost count around 30. It was, in fact, a Santa convention.

Later in the parking lot, every other car had a bumper sticker reading "My other car is a sleigh."

So maybe that's the secret. There are over 30 Santas, enough for one per time zone plus a few back-ups. And when they laugh their bellies shake like a bowl full of kung pow chicken.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too!

If you don't recognize, you better do a search for Mike Lange.

Penguins win Lord Stanley's Cup!

Worship the Beard!

I was so nervous I couldn't bring myself to watch the game except to monitor the score online and through various other means. I turned it on literally two seconds after it ended. I'm a bad sports fan when I really care about it and find it best to watch alone or with other die hard fans. When it is just me and Wife, I quickly become a nuisance an a pain in the ass to be around. So since we were hanging out tonight, we watched other programming.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not my fault

The move is done. Now comes the unpacking.

But we won't have home computer till Friday at least. So I have a great story to tell but no time to write it out at work. This weekend I will share. And you will be dumbfounded.