Friday, January 29, 2010

My Take: Video Game Review

Anyone can tell you if you should play a game or not. What works and what doesn't. But while I'm very opinionated, does that sound educational? I'm all about the educational. So instead I'm going to focus on what I learned about the world and myself while playing a particular game.

First up, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Batman is awesome. We all know that. Anybody who doubts this probably should not be my friend because I'm going to question your judgment on just about everything. Sure, I'm not as obsessed about him as some people. But I get the attraction. And that doesn't even bring Julie Newmar as Catwoman and her influence on me.

This game is the first I've played where you feel at least a little like you're putting on the cowl.

What I learned: Why would any human being actually live in Gotham if you had the chance or means to get the hell out? If you think crime is high in your city, at least it isn't so overrun with serial killers that the you need a psychotic just to try to keep them in line. Batman is the best case scenario. That's messed up, yo.

Think about it. Twins in Gotham? Targets. Rich people? Targets. Stand up comedians? Targets. Beautiful people? Targets. Birthday on a holiday? Target. Very smart? Target. Heck, have a love of hats? Target.

And this doesn't count the number of sociopaths who just target everybody.

Probably more folks don't leave because they can't get anyone stupid enough to take over their mortgages.

That said, this game is so much fun. Best Batman Game Ever. Mark Hamill rocks. Art is great. Final boss fight disappoints but getting there is more than worth it.

But it needs Catwoman.

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Colton said...

Also we learn that Batman's greatest fear is a really tall Scarecrow.